Corporate Events at Curtin


Curtin University hosts a broad range of Corporate-styled events each year, including public lectures, launches, building openings, high-level networking functions, investitures, awards ceremonies, commemorative events, and themed breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Organisation of the these events is managed by the Corporate Events and Protocol team, which provides professional events support to the Secretariat, the Chancellory, Office of Research & Development, Centre for Aboriginal Studies, the four academic Faculties and associated Schools, and Curtin Alumni.

As part of the Public Relations department, the team works closely with the Media Relations team to promote and preserve the reputation of Curtin as a leading research University in Australia.

The team also collaborates with other units within Corporate Relations & Development, including Marketing, and Advancement, to plan and deliver the annual program of high-level external corporate events.

For information on current events please visit the events website.